Waggin' Wheels
Mobile Dog Grooming

Customer Testimonials

Kim is a very compassionate and caring groomer! She LOVES your pet! She gives each pet the same careful, quality handling and attention during every visit. Kim is patient and kind, and knows how to keep your pet calm and happy, while taking care of it's grooming needs. Her gentle, professional services will be in high demand! ~ Heather S.

I have 2 dogs that need regular grooming and they HATE going to the groomer,being left in a kennel and then picked up 4 hours later. It is traumatizing for them. Then I found Waggin Wheels and Kim! She is wonderful with the dogs and makes the grooming experience easy and stress free. My dogs adore her and always look AWESOME after she is finished with them. And they are happy too after she is done-not traumatized. This makes me so happy. Kim is amazing and I feel so lucky to have her. ~ Kelly B.

We love the convenience of grooming at home. Oatmeal shampoo leaves my lab smelling clean but not "perfumy." Kim is thorough; her training serves her well. Best of all, the van needs no water or electrical hookup so it's ready to go as soon as she pulls up to the curb. Kim is my "groomer of choice." ~ Flo D.

Kim is a really professional lady, she cares about your pet so much and will take whatever time it takes to groom to the utmost degree. I have used her several times and I cannot speak highly enough. her prices are reasonable and I have been very pleased with my dog when she has groomed him. I have a difficult dog and yet Kim has never complained. we have to find a new home for our Pom and Kim is even helping with that. she is a wonderful person. ~ Joyce C.

Kim is awesome! Rowdy just loves her! I am so glad that Waggin' Wheels Mobile Dog Grooming is up and running, and Kim is the perfect person to run it! Her love of animals shows in everything she does! ~ Marty H.